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Time travel with animations in Eszterháza

Sala terrena: garlands of a hundred years

Archive recording: The sala terrena in the 1920s. Source: Private property. Photo by Miklós Sulyok from the original image.

This is how the opera house of the Esterházy castle in Fertőd looked like, based on the engraving of the Beschreibung.

A moment of the herd hunting of 1932 comes to life in the courtyard of the Esterházy castle in Fertőd.

Archive recording source: Fortepan / Boda Balázs


The main building of the Esterházy Castle in Fertőd has changed a lot in 69 years.

Archive recording source: Fortepan / Fortepan


The Apollo Hall (Ceremonial Hall) from 1947 to 1957, as a crop store, and today

Source of archive recording: Esterházy Castle Photo gallery, digital archive



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