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We recommend our event and wedding venues with which we aim to offer cultural heritage event and wedding venues and quality services in different styles – unique both nationally and internationally. Our colourful range of event venues offers quality services covering all segments of group business tourism, corporate market, family events. Due to its unique beauty and spacious halls, we recommend the venues of Esterházy Castle to all those who are looking for a suitable venue for special occasions, corporate events, private shows, concerts, film shootings, family events and photo shoots.  We compile an individual quote for the rental of our event venues and other conditions by appointment.

For price offer and more information, we are waiting for your inquiry at the following e-mail address:




  • summer dining room
  • sala terrena
  • banquet hall (Haydn hall)
  • hall (Apollo hall)
  • marionette theater
  • water tower
  • orangery
  • Margit Cziráky Rózsakert
  • rose house
  • park areas (French garden, English park)
  • southern vestibule of the castle
  • inner courtyard of the castle (decorated courtyard)
  • artist waiting room
  • baroque kitchen
  • Chinese tea house
  • little prince's playhouse
  • officer's house event hall
  • the inner courtyard of the officer's house


Monday: closed
Tuesday-Sunday 9.00-18.00
Cashier’s office opening hours: 8.45-16.55

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