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Cziráky Margit Rosegarden

Prince Miklós Esterházy IV and his wife, Countess Margit Cziráky, designed the rose garden during the restoration of the park, which was started in 1902. The plans of some of the gardens were made by Anton Umlauft, one of the best-known gardeners of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. The rose garden was completed in 1908. It was almost completely destroyed during World War II and during the turning points that followed. The roses were died out, the pergola systems collapsed, everything went wild, only the pavilion “left to tell the tale”.

Based on the scientific research of garden history, the rose garden was restored in 2015, and visitors to the garden can enjoy the splendor of nearly 8,000 roses now. In the rose garden, which is an extraordinary sight and provides delicate scent, the cross-shaped pergola with ramblers and the pagoda-like pavilion in the middle have been renewed. As part of the investment, a collection of Hungarian rose species was housed here. This year we supplemented it with ever-blooming roses bred by German and English growers to achieve a richer scent.

The most popular rose species in the rose garden are in full bloom by mid-May. The huge flowers of the "Mami" species, which change from butter-coloured to pink, can be seen along the pergolas for several hundred meters. The flowers of the "Futótűz" (wildfire) species are red, the deep burgundy of the "Crimson Glori" species and the orange flowers of the "Rozália" variety are dazzlingly beautiful.

Plant care work in the rose garden begins in early March and runs continuously until mid-November. New English and German rose species have been planted, and the promenades have also been renewed, so the new road surfaces further contribute to the beauty of the blooming roses.

Magnificent roses bloom in the garden of the Esterházy-palace

360 virtual tour in the rose garden in the springtime I. and rose garden in the springtime II.

On the 31st of May, 2021, the beautifully renovated Rose House of Margit Cziráky Rose Garden at Esterházy Palace in Fertőd was ceremoniously handed over together with its beautified surroundings. The Rose House, which was the home for head gardeners, is the reception building of the rose garden, but it is also suitable for exhibitions, civil weddings and events.

The construction of the Rose house and landscaping works around the building totalled HUF 106,821,122, for which the VELUX Foundations provided DKK 1,883,488, ie HUF 80,286,015, and the Hungarian Government provided HUF 26,535,107.

As a result of the complete renovation, the entire structure of the 140-square-meter building was refurbished: the roof and floor were replaced, and the entire mechanical and electrical system of the building was renewed. The complete façade was also renovated, and the surroundings of the Rose House were completely renewed. Paving, planting, grassing and fencing took place during the landscaping.

Now, the Rose House fits harmoniously into the park and landscape complex of the Esterházy-palace in Fertőd. The primary function of the building, which offers the comfort of the 21st century, is to receive guests to Margit Cziráky's Rose Garden and to use it as a service buildng. There is also a ceremonial hall in the building, which is suitable for exhibitions and events with its service rooms. The surroundings of the building are an excellent venue for outdoor events. In the Rose House, a washroom block has also been set up for the disabled. The building contractor was Becska és Társai Építőipari Kft.

“In recent years, we have managed to make the palace of Fertőd instantly come to people’s mind when we hear the name Esterházy. Now the Rose Garden has received a worthy reception building, which meets the requirements of the 21st century.”-told Katalin Egresitsné Firtl, the CEO of the Eszterháza Cultural, Research and Festival Center Public Benefit Nonprofit Limited Liability Company. She thanked the VELUX Foundations and the Hungarian Government for the financial support, and thanked all the people, who contributed to this development that suggests that Eszterháza is the wellspring of wonders!



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