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The Eszterháza Cultural, Research and Festival Centre (Eszterháza Centre) connects Hungary's three rural cultural and tourist monuments, the Esterházy Palace in Fertőd, the Széchenyi Mansion in Nagycenk, and the Monastery Hotel and Restaurant in Sopronbánfalva under one cultural brand.

The mission of the Eszterháza Centre is to preserve our surviving built heritage, to present the history of two noble families and to connect the religious, natural, cultural and gastronomic values of the region. In addition to all of this, we also consider it equally vital to make our national heritage available as experience centres and as event venues to as wide a circle as possible, in accordance with the contemporary requirements of the 21st century. The brand Eszterháza Centre provides significant international visibility to three important sites of the national monument network in the Alpokalja-Fertő region.

However, the regional significance, in which our historic sites and historical gardens become part of the life of local communities is even more important for us. Therefore, our priority mission is to address neighbouring people through the wide-ranging activities in our monuments. We are confident that all three of our historic sites are going to become innovative community centres of country life, thanks to high-quality, interactive exhibitions, museum pedagogic sessions, as well as educational and entertaining family programs.

We actively participate in the domestic and international tourism life through varied art programs and events, and at the same time we also emphasize the expansion and processing of our collections. Our goal is that both domestic and international visitors, the professional audience, our business clients and partners see the cultural content and locations of the Eszterháza Centre as real alternatives.

What we offer:
• unique cultural experiences
• interactive and educational programs
• unique, high-quality and fully equipped event venues
• inspiring art events

We welcome all those who want to be part of the unique programmes of the Esterházy Palace in Fertőd, the Széchenyi Mansion in Nagycenk, and the Monastery Hotel and Restaurant in Sopronbánfalva!