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Esterházy-Castle (Fertőd)

Splendor and grandeur in the Hungarian Versailles! The Esterházy Palace in Fertőd is the largest baroque-rococo building complex in Hungary. Its heyday took place during the time of Prince Miklós Esterházy, "the Magnificent" in the second half of the 18th century. The palace awaits visitors, with its centuries-old magnificent halls, picturesque gardens and parks, puppet theater, exciting castle tours, children's activities, and musical programs.

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Castle and family history


The construction and the heyday of the castle complex is linked to Prince Miklós "Shining" Esterházy, who from 1762 until his death in 1790 built a residence on a par with the imperial courts, where luxurious celebrations were a daily occurrence. The castle complex was built between 1720 and 1762-84 in the Baroque, Rococo and Gothic styles, using the buildings of a small 17th century aristocratic residence, and then taking its present form.


Come and visit us!

Opening hours

  • Monday - Sunday 10:00 - 18:00
  • Cashier opening hours 9:30 - 17:30


Venue rental

Apollo Hall Image

Apollo Hall

Even today, the spacious banquet hall provides a perfect backdrop for standing receptions, small concerts, conferences or even film shoots.

Cziráky Margit Rose Garden Image

Cziráky Margit Rose Garden

The 200-meter-long rose garden starting from the central pavilion can be an idyllic location for romantic moments.

Orange House/Water Tower Image

Orange House/Water Tower

The castle's former "orangerie", i.e. orangery, was used for the winter storage of citrus fruits in the Baroque period. Today it is an event space and conference venue

Summer dining hall Image

Summer dining hall

The summer dining room of Esterházy Castle, where the most distinguished guests dined in the 18th century. As in the centuries of the time, it is still mainly a venue for concerts.

Cziráky Margit Rose House Image

Cziráky Margit Rose House

Next to the Rose Garden, there is an independent building with a connection to the garden, with an intimate atmosphere, which is an unusual venue for events and weddings.

Belvedere - Viewpoint Image

Belvedere - Viewpoint

It is an ideal location for conferences, business meetings, family events, retreats, or even yoga camps.

Ceremonial dining room Image

Ceremonial dining room

As in the past, many concerts are held within these walls, as the world-famous composer Joseph Haydn played in this hall for decades.

Esterházy Café Image

Esterházy Café

The area, which can also be rented separately, is available for private discussions, business meetings, book presentations, and smaller events.

Southern forecourt of the palace Image

Southern forecourt of the palace

It can be a unique location for film shoots, vintage and luxury car exhibitions, and large family days.

Baroque Kitchen – Museum education room 1 Image

Baroque Kitchen – Museum education room 1

The castle's former baroque kitchen is a great venue for various creative museum education programs, family activities, and team-building events.

Sala terrena Image

Sala terrena

The sala terrena is the most popular venue for elegant standing receptions, private presentations, and smaller corporate and private events.

Ceremonial courtyard Image

Ceremonial courtyard

The ceremonial courtyard, or "cour d'honneur" in French, was originally not a garden, but a place for large-scale parades.

French park Image

French park

The park is an optimal location for outdoor events, large-scale festivals, concerts and weddings organized here.

Chinese tea room - Museum education room 3 Image

Chinese tea room - Museum education room 3

In the Chinese tea room, tea making and Chinese calligraphy education are also part of the museum pedagogic sessions.

Princely indoor play centre – Museum education room 2 Image

Princely indoor play centre – Museum education room 2

Everything is given so that the children can imagine themselves in the daily life of the former lordly world.

Estate office - Artist's lounge Image

Estate office - Artist's lounge

An optimal location for mini-conferences, press conferences, meetings and small family events.

Palm house Image

Palm house

It can be a perfect location for intimate weddings close to nature, fashion shows, corporate events, conferences and concerts.

Inner courtyard of the officer's house Image

Inner courtyard of the officer's house

The perfect venue for private concerts, outdoor receptions and exhibitions.

Marionette Theatre Image

Marionette Theatre

The marionette theater in the Esterházy Castle in Fertőd is today - just like in Haydn's time - the scene of special performances, theater and musical events.