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Monastery of Soronbánfalva - Hotel and restaurant

As if it was floating on a cloud – anchoring on the ground of reality with its stone stairs rimmed with tarnished sculpures – the monastery towers over the late village of Sopronbánfalva the edges of Sopron. The monastery now operates as a hotel and restaurant. The rooms and halls, which continue to live on as hotel rooms along the cloister, instantly convey the rhythm of monastic life, conveying its "silence," while at the same time they transform the cultural heritage of half a century into tangible reality. 


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The former monk's cells have been transformed into hotel-quality living quarters with an inimitable atmosphere. No two rooms are alike.

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The former refectory, richly decorated with frescoes and stucco, is the most impressive room of the monastery. Its function has remained unchanged for centuries.

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The room above the refectory was the room of the former monastic college, and today it serves as an exclusive lecture and conference room even in the modesty of the monastery.

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The intimate square courtyard of the monastery, surrounded by high walls, is an ideal place for receptions and other outdoor events.

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Comfortable and homely seating furniture and pastel colors provide the perfect environment for conversations with a meditative yet relaxed atmosphere.

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In the garden there are huge old trees, benches and stone fences lined with running plants, and there is also a hall suitable for events.

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The special decoration of the third floor is the new library built along the Gothic window openings of the church next to the monastery, which have been hidden for centuries.

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Meditation Rooms

The third level was created anew with the addition of the attic, and was used by the monks as an attic.

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Practice room / Gallery

An open room in the attic covered with attic bricks. It can be freely used and furnished, even for exhibitions, lectures or workshops.

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