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Purchase tickets online for all three of our institutions!
You can pay with OTP, K&H and MKB SZÉP cards at the ticket offices of our locations.

Discounts | Permanent and temporary exhibitions can be visited free of charge by EEA citizens who:
a) has not yet reached the age of 6
b) is a disabled person according to 4. § a) point of Act XXVI of 1998 on the Rights of Disabled Persons and Ensuring Their Equal Opportunities (hereinafter: disabled person),
c) accompanies a disabled person (maximum 1 person),
d) has a professional pass issued by the minister,
e) member of a professional organization of a public collection with at least 400 members (Pulszky Society – Hungarian Museum Association, Association of Hungarian Librarians, Association of Hungarian Archivists)
f) * is a teacher working in public education, or an instructor working in vocational training,
g) has reached the age of 70

Exhibitions are free of charge with the card of the international professional organization ICOM.

On the 1st Sunday of every month, the permanent exhibitions are free of charge for Hungarian and other EEA citizens who:
a) has not yet turned 26,
b) * is accompanying a person under the age of 18 and their close relative according to the Civil Code (hereinafter: Civil Code) (maximum 2 people).

The exhibitions of the museums are free of charge, regardless of citizenship on national holidays (15th March, 20th August, 23rd October) defined in the paragraph (1) of Article J) of the fundamental law of Hungary.

50% discount for Hungarian and EEA citizens:
a) between 6 and 26 years
b) over 65 years old
c) *maximum of 2 close relatives accompanying at least two persons under the age of 18